Dating at berkeley college confidential

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After the call, I was told if I advance to the second round, I would be contacted within a few weeks.Nearly two months later in June I get a random, urgent email from the program director stating I did not send official transcripts and that I needed to get them sent ASAP.Position beginning Fall 2016 in English (Creative Writing) department.

- Administration attacks faculty and very adversarial; President caught plagiarizing most off his CV; Majority of tenure applicants rejected. I applied for same, but just before the Skype interview (which was the only interview), they switched it to a Lecturer job, which pays a lot less.

WIthin five minutes, the SC member asked the candidate if she had children.

When the candidate replied that she did, the SC memebr went on to say that she could not conceive.

They instead decided to retaliate against a faculty member whose only sin was helping a female student properly report an incident of sexual harassment.

Students are not safe and neither are faculty members who come to their aid.

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This website contains an amazing story of corruption, cover-ups and retaliation.

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